Hello world!

This is my very first blog post….EVER!  I just thought I should explain a bit about what I plan to include in this blog and why, although I am certain it will be ever evolving!

I have found that the thing I love most about real estate is the opportunity to get to know people – to spend time with them so I can help them make the best decisions regarding their real estate needs for THEM!   I provide information and answer questions, I ask questions, but most of all, I listen.  I need to really hear what my clients are saying in order to reach their objective in a timely and financially sound manner. There are so many aspects of real estate that we as agents sometimes take for granted and forget to share with our clients.  I really enjoy taking the time to educate, after all if my clients knew everything they wouldn’t need me!  Although, I am pretty awesome:)

I really like to work with first time home buyers because I generally get to spend a great deal of time with them and help them every step of the way with the process.  Often first time home buyers are so excited to buy a home they don’t necessarily hear everything that is said.  It is my job to make sure they hear and understand what the process entails and what they have to do to attain their goal….to buy their “dream” home!

So, in essence, I frequently come across useful information, both in working with clients as well as from real estate news, at the office, through contacts, etc. that I think is worthy of being passed on.  I would also love ideas about what you would like to see in this blog – If I don’t know about the particular subject matter I will research it and find out!

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